Getting Google Chrome to open notes:// links correctly

If you work at a forward thinking organisation or use Google Chrome yourself you soon come across a slight annoyance where notes:// links do not launch the Notes client to the correct document.

Certainly for me, clicking on a doclink or URL previously would result in nada or chrome would helpfully suggesting searching for it.

My solution is a bit of a hack:

Shut down Chrome and in Windows edit the following file:

C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data*Local State*

**Thanks to Roy Rumaner for pointing out I had left the filename off

You can see this is actually a JSON formatted file – within it there is a section called:

"protocolhandler": {
schemes": {
         "afp": true,
         "data": true,
         "disk": true,
         "disks": true,
         "file": true,
         "github-windows": false,
         "hcp": true,
         "javascript": true,
         "mailto": false,
         "ms-help": true,
         "news": false,
         "nntp": true,
         "notes": false,
         "shell": true,
         "snews": false,
         "spotify": false,
         "vbscript": true,
         "view-source": true,
         "vnd": {
            "ms": {
               "radio": true

Add the “notes”:false section as indicated and then save and restart Chrome.

That should be it.